18.014 - Calculus with Theory (Fall 2015)

Lectures: TR 1-2pm, F 2-3pm in E17-133

Lecturer: Aaron Pixton

Email: apixton [at] mit . edu

Office Hours: T 10:30-11:30am, W 3-4pm in E18-324

Recitations: MW 2-3pm in E17-133

Recitation Instructor: Sam Elder

Email: same [at] mit . edu

Office Hours: R 2-4pm in E18-466B


Covers the same material as 18.01, but at a deeper and more rigorous level. Emphasizes careful reasoning and understanding of proofs. Assumes knowledge of elementary calculus. Topics: axioms for the real numbers; the Riemann integral; limits, theorems on continuous functions; derivatives of functions of one variable; the fundamental theorems of calculus; Taylor's theorem; infinite series, power series, rigorous treatment of the elementary functions.

Textbook: Calculus, Volume 1 (2nd edition) by Tom M. Apostol


The syllabus is available in pdf form here.


You can see your grades on past assignments in the Gradebook section of the Stellar course website.


[12.09.2015]  Sam and I will be holding office hours during finals week where you can come ask us questions and discuss topics that you want to review. The schedule is: M 12:30-2 (Aaron), T 12:30-3 (Aaron), W 2-4 (Sam) in our usual office hour locations.

[11.01.2015]  I've posted notes on Thursday's lecture on defining the trig functions.

[10.26.2015]  Starting this week, my office hour on Friday has been moved to 10:30-11:30am on Tuesday instead.

[10.20.2015]  My office hour on Friday (Oct 23) is moved to 4-5pm on Wednesday (Oct 21) for this week.

[10.14.2015]  The Gradebook section of the Stellar course website is now live if you wish to see your grades on past assignments.

[10.04.2015]  I've posted some brief notes on the definitions of limits and continuity given in class (Lecture 10) and how these definitions are more general than the ones appearing in the textbook.

[09.25.2015]  Problem Set 3 is due on Thursday, Oct 1 instead of the usual Friday (because the first exam will be on Oct 2). My office hour on Friday (Oct 2) is moved to 4-5pm on Wednesday (Sept 30) for this week.

[09.07.2015]  Welcome to 18.014! Our semester will begin with a recitation on September 9.