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Plan of Study

Plan of Study (Breadth requirement for Applied Math only)

By the end of the first year each Applied Mathematics graduate student, in consultation with his/her advisor, should submit a Plan of Study for approval by the Chair of the Applied Mathematics Committee.

In addition to listing subjects to be taken (or already taken) in a major field, this plan should include a few subjects to broaden the student's familiarity with other areas of Applied Mathematics. For breadth in their studies, it is required that students complete at least one subject from four of these six areas:

  • Methods: for instance 18.305 or 18.306 or 18.335J
  • Computer Science: for instance, 18.405J or 18.415J
  • Combinatorics: 18.217 or beyond
  • Probability or Statistics: for instance 18.615 or 18.655
  • Natural Science: for instance 18.355
  • Theoretical Engineering: many choices from other depts!

In some cases, subjects in Pure Mathematics relevant to the major field may be used in place of one of these areas.