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Travel Support

Every mathematics graduate student who has passed the qualifying exam is eligible for $1000 per fiscal year (begins July 1) to support travel to a conference. The allocation is based on start date of travel. Unused funding is not carried forward from year to year.

This departmental travel support is intended to be "cost-sharing," where the rest of the cost is borne by the student, the advisor, or some other source. Requests for support beyond the standard amount require a note from the advisor and approval of the department head.

Reimbursement Procedure

  1. The student must email the staff member handling graduate student support (currently Susan Ferguson), describing the conference and travel to be supported and the amount requested. The student should provide the following:
    1. The name and dates of the event
    2. Whether the student is a speaker or participant
    3. The student's expected expenses
    4. Evidence that the student intends to attend, such as:
      • The conference website if the student is listed as a speaker or participant
      • A registration receipt or letter of invitation
    To avoid misunderstanding, the request for support should be made prior to booking travel.
  2. The staff member checks that the student has passed the qualifying exam and has not exhausted the current year allocation.
  3. The staff member approves straightforward cases for travel to math conferences, with a cc to the graduate chairs. After approval or denial, the staff member notifies the student.
  4. The student needs to retain travel receipts and boarding passes. They must be submitted with a completed reimbursement form to the staff member for reimbursement no more than 30 days after completion of travel.