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Student Awards

Graduate Student Awards

Association for Women in Mathematics Dissertation Prize

  • 2016 Dana Mendelson

Clay Mathematics Institute Liftoff Fellowship

  • 2008 Marketa Havlícková and Yanir Rubinstein
  • 2007 Pavlo M. Pylyavsky
  • 2006 Vigleik Angeltveit and Fu Liu
  • 2005 Vasily Dolgushev, Christopher Douglas and Thomas Lam

Charles and Holly Housman Award for Excellence in Teaching, MIT

This award is presented to graduate student(s) in Mathematics for skill and dedication in undergraduate teaching.

  • 2018 Kevin Sackel and Jane Wang
  • 2017 Gus Lonergan, Jonasz Slomka and Lucas Tambasco
  • 2016 Zachary Abel and Carlos Sauer Ayala
  • 2015 Michael Andrews, Daniel Harris, and Dana Mendelson
  • 2014 Michael Donovan and Jennifer Park
  • 2013 Ailsa Keating, John Lesieutre, and Nan Li
  • 2012 Sheel Ganatra, Hoeskuldur Halldorsson, and Alejandro Morales
  • 2011 Linan Chen and Joel Lewis
  • 2010 Craig Desjardins and David Jordan
  • 2009 Chris Evans, Chris Kottke, Michael Manapat and Angelica Osorno
  • 2008 Denis Chebikin and Aaron Tievsky
  • 2007 Jason M. Burns, Ilya Elson and Teena Gerhardt
  • 2006 Alice Chan, Pak Wing Fok and Christina Goddard
  • 2005 Andreas Malmendier, Dragos Oprea, Bianca Santoro and Damiano Testa
  • 2004 Frederic Latour and Benjamin Stephens
  • 2003 Peter McNamara, Peter Clifford and Alberto DeSole
  • 2002 John Dunagan, Baochi Nguyen and Igor Pavlovsky
  • 2001 Frederico Ardila and Donald Yau
  • 2000 Alexander Perlin and Catalin Zara
  • 1999 Dana Pascovici and Peter Dodds
  • 1998 David Amundsen, Dimitri Kountourogiannis and Monica Nevans
  • 1997 Ioanid Rosu
  • 1996 Yoosuf Siddiqui
  • 1995 Richard Stone, Malcolm Quinn, Timothy Chow and David Metzler
  • 1993 Farshid Hajir and Dhruv Ratra

Charles W. and Jennifer C. Johnson Prize, MIT

This prize is awarded to a current MIT graduate student in the Department of Mathematics for a research paper accepted for publication in a major journal.

  • 2018 Ewain Gwynne, Jonasz Slomka, Amelia Perry and Alex Wein
  • 2017 Sylvain Carpentier
  • 2016 Yi Sun and Yun William Yu
  • 2015 Francesco Lin and Yufei Zhao
  • 2014 Ailsa Keating and Kestutis Cesnavicius
  • 2013 Yin Tat Lee and Eric Marberg
  • 2012 Steven Sam
  • 2011 Vedran Sohinger and Steven Sivek
  • 2010 Roman Travkin
  • 2009 Yanki Lekili
  • 2008 Ruochuan Liu and Ting Xue
  • 2007 Silvia Montarani and Luis Rademacher
  • 2006 Vigleik Angeltveit and Fu Liu
  • 2005 Thomas Lam
  • 2004 Alexei Oblomkov and Lauren Williams
  • 2003 Vasiliy Dolgushev and Peter R. McNamara
  • 2002 Ryan O’Donnell and Donald Yau
  • 2001 Adam Livans
  • 2000 Bojko Bakalov and Kiran Kedlaya
  • 1999 Catalin Zara
  • 1998 Alessandro D’Andrea, Salil Vadhan
  • 1997 Andras Vasy

Echoing Green Fellowship

  • 2017 Lucas Mason-Brown

Graduate Women of Excellence

The MIT Office of the Dean for Graduate Education awards this honor to current MIT graduate women based on their leadership and service contributions at the Institute, their dedication to mentoring and their drive to make changes to improve the student experience.

  • 2017 Gweneth McKinley
  • 2015 Isabel Vogt

The Hartley Rogers Jr. Prize SPUR

(Combined Undergrad-Grad Student Prize)

The Hartley Rogers Jr. Prize, first given in Summer 2001, is awarded to the team of an Undergraduate Student and Graduate Student Mentor for best paper(s) in the Summer Program for Undergraduate Research:


  • Julius Baldauf-Lenschen and Ao Sun
  • Juan Gil, Joshua Amaniampong and Jake Wellens
  • Dhruv Rohatgi and Jake Wellens


  • Justin Lim and Frederic Koehler
  • Jianqiao Xia and Gus Lonergan


  • Lingfu Zhang and Hong Wang


  • Yuchen Fu and Seth Shelley-Abrahamson
  • Ofer Grossman and Dongkwan Kim


  • Saarik Kalia and Ben Yang


  • Fan Zheng and Chenjie Fan
  • Zipei Nie, Anthony Wang, and Ben Yang


  • Amol Aggarwal and Guozhen Wang


  • Whan Ghang and John Ullman


  • Harrison Chen and Martina Balagović


  • Asilata Bapat and David Jordan
  • Gabriel Bujokas and Qian Lin
  • Shaunak Kishore and Hoda Bidkhori


  • Aleksandr Arkhipov and Zuoqin Wang (First Prize)
  • Sungyoon Kim and Hoda Bidkhori (First Prize)
  • Wes Brown and Hoda Bidkhori
  • Yuncheng Lin and Julia Wolf (Outside Postdoc Mentor)
  • Cordelia Link and Julia Wolf (Outside Postdoc Mentor)


  • Hansheng Diao and Catherine Lennon (First Prize)
  • John Kim and Xiaoguang Ma
  • Charmaine Sia and Hoda Bidkhori


  • Anand Deopurkar and Xiaoguang Ma
  • Galyna Dobrovolska Pavlo Pylyavskyy


  • Nathan Ince and Pavlo Pylyavskyy
  • Nikhil Savale and Vito Iacovino


  • David Roe and Alexei Oblomkov
  • PoNing Chen and Vasily Dolgushev


  • PoNing Chen and Vasily Dolgushev
  • Emanuel Stoica and Alexei Oblomkov


  • David Pritchard and Gyula Lakos
  • David Milovich, Jr. and Ben Stephens


  • Denis Chebikin and Anda Degeratu

William Asbjornsen Albert Memorial Fellowship

This prize is awarded by the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education to two graduate students conducting research in any phase of modern science and engineering.

  • 2010 Roman Travkin

Undergraduate Awards

Alice T. Schafer Mathematics Prize, AWM

This award, established in 1990, is given for excellence in mathematics by an undergraduate woman in mathematics, by the Association for Women in Mathematics.

  • 2015 Sheela Devadas (winner)
  • 2014 Jessie Zhang (honorable mention)
  • 2013 Yangzhou Hu (honorable mention)
  • 2012 Fan Wei (winner)
  • 2011 Yinghui Wang and Fan Wei (honorable mentions)
  • 2010 Charmaine Sia (co-winner)
  • 2009 Maria Monks (winner) and Doris Dobi (honorable mention)
  • 2008 Galyna Dobrovolska (co-winner)
  • 2007 Yaim Cooper (runner-up)
  • 2004 Karola Mészáros (runner-up)
  • 1995 Ruth Britto-Pacumio (winner)

AMITA Senior Academic Award, MIT

This award is presented annually by the Association of MIT Alumnai (AMITA to one or more senior woman students who demonstrate the highest level of academic excellence and professional promise through course work and academic endeavors at MIT.

  • 2011 Melissa Gymrek
  • 2010 Charmaine Sia
  • 2007 Yaim Cooper
  • 2005 Karola Meszaros

Anna Pogosyants Award, MIT CSAIL

This prize was established in 1996 in memory of Anna Pogosyants, a Ph.D. student in computer science. It is given to an undergraduate student who is currently carrying out a UROP project in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL).

  • 2011 Paul Christiano

Astronaut Scholarship

The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation was created to ensure that the United States would maintain its leadership in science and technology by supporting some of the very best science and engineering college students.

  • 2013 Praveen Venkataramana

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship

The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program was established by Congress in 1986 to honor Senator Barry M. Goldwater. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide a continuing source of highly qualified scientists, mathematicians, and engineers by awarding scholarships to college students who intend to pursue careers in these fields.

  • 2015 Felipe Hernandez
  • 2014 Carl Lian and Daniel Kang
  • 2011 Shaunak Kishore
  • 2009 Maria Monks
  • 2006 Daniel Kane
  • 2005 Jacob Fox
  • 2002 Jason Rolfe, Jr.

Churchill Scholarship

Scholarship for American students of exceptional ability and outstanding achievement to pursue graduate studies at the University of Cambridge

  • 2015 Daniel Kang
  • 2010 Maria Monks
  • 1978 Robert M. Zimmer
  • 1973 M. Michael Ansour
  • 1971 Joseph N. Fields III

COMAP Mathematical Contest in Modeling

The Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications (COMAP) administers an international Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM), in which teams of undergraduates use mathematical modeling to present their solutions to real world problems. From 2004-07, the MIT team of Daniel Gulotta, Daniel Kane and Andrew Spann, under the faculty advising of Professor Martin Bazant, has received the following honors:

  • 2007 Outstanding Winning Team & SIAM Prize
  • 2006 Outstanding Winning Team & INFORMS Prize
  • 2005 Outstanding Winning Team
  • 2004 Outstanding Winning Team and Ben Fusaro Award

Computing Research Association (CRA)

CRA's Outstanding Undergraduate Awards program recognizes undergraduate students in North American universities who show outstanding research potential in an area of computing research.

  • 2014 Pratiksha Thaker, Outstanding Female Undergraduate
  • 2009 Raluca Ada Popa, Outstanding Female Undergraduate
  • 2005 Mihai Patrascu, Outstanding Male Undergraduate

Elizabeth Lowell Putnam Prize, MAA

Established in 1992 by the MAA, the Elizabeth Lowell Putnam Prizes is awarded periodically to a woman whose performance on the Competition has been deemed particularly meritorious.

  • 2015 Danielle Wang
  • 2010 Yinghui Wang
  • 1995 Ruth Britto-Pacumio

Frank and Brennie Morgan Prize, AMS/MAA/SIAM

The Frank and Brennie Morgan prize, established jointly in 1995 by the AMS, MAA & SIAM, is awarded to an undergraduate student (or students having submitted joint work) for outstanding research in mathematics.

  • 2017 David H. Yang (winner)
  • 2015 Amol Aggarwal (winner)
  • 2011 Maria Monks (winner) and Yufei Zhao (honorable mention)
  • 2010 Maria Monks (honorable mention)
  • 2007 Daniel Kane
  • 2006 Jacob Fox
  • 2005 Reid Barton

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

This Scholarship is awarded to outstanding students from outside the UK to study at the University of Cambridge.

  • 2011 Raghu Mahajan
  • 2010 Yufei Zhao

Hertz Fellowship

This Fellowship provides financial support to outstanding students allowing them the freedom to innovate as part of their graduate studies.

  • 2017 Ofer Grossman and Linus Hamilton
  • 2016 Felipe Hernandez
  • 2015 Jordan Cotler, Cole Graham, and Alex Siegenfeld
  • 2012 Jacob Steinhardt
  • 2010 Maria Monks

Jon A. Bucsela Prize, MIT

The Jon A. Bucsela Prize in Mathematics is given in recognition of distinguished scholastic achievement, professional promise and enthusiasm for mathematics.

  • 2018 Sammy Luo
  • 2017 Yibo Gao
  • 2016 Yongyi Chen and Mitchell Lee
  • 2015 Ka Yum Tam
  • 2014 Dennis Tseng
  • 2013 Holden Lee
  • 2012 Fan Wei
  • 2011 Alexandr Zamorzaev
  • 2010 Yufei Zhao
  • 2009 Hansheng Diao and Ruitian Lang
  • 2008 Anand Deopurkar and Galyna Dobrovolska
  • 2007 Daniel M. Kane
  • 2006 Jacob Fox
  • 2005 Reid Barton and Karola Mészáros
  • 2004 Maksym Fedorchuk
  • 2003 Ivan Petrakiev
  • 2002 Abhinav Kumar
  • 2001 Ethan Cotterill and Joshua Sussan
  • 2000 Benjamin Wieland
  • 1999 Eric Heng-Shiang Kuo, Amit Khetan and Vivek Mohta
  • 1998 David Yen Jao
  • 1997 Pramod N. Achar and Aleksey Zinger
  • 1996 Ruth Britto-Pacumio and Thomas Weston
  • 1995 Henry L. Cohn
  • 1994 Justin J.C. Corvino and Andrew Prjeworski
  • 1993 James Turetsky
  • 1992 Christos Athanasiadis and Mikhail Grinberg
  • 1991 Charles G. Waldman
  • 1990 Daniel A. Klain and Timothy M. Hsu
  • 1989 David T. Blackston and David P. Williamson
  • 1988 Jeffrey S. Silver and Leonard J. Schulman
  • 1987 Avrim L. Blum and Eric P. Twietmeyer
  • 1986 Haw-Minn Lu and Lee A. Newberg
  • 1985 Chun-Nip Lee and Maciej Zworski

Louis Sudler Prize

The Louis Sudler Prize is presented annually to a graduating senior who has demonstrated excellence or the highest standards of proficiency in music, theater, painting, sculpture, design, architecture or film.

  • 2018 Bertrand Stone

Marshall Scholarship

This Scholarship finances young Americans of high ability to study for a degree in the United Kingdom.

  • 2017 Kevin Zhou
  • 2016 Võ Tiến Phong
  • 2013 Kirin Sinha

NSF Fellowships for Graduate Study

This Fellowship recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines who are pursuing research-based master's and doctoral degrees.

  • 2017 Colin Aitken, Brian Axelrod, Shi-Fan Chen, Robert Jones, Saarik Kalia, Jing Li, Alexander Moss, Mark Sellke, Jonathan Tidor, Kevin Zhou

Rhodes Scholarship

This international fellowship finances young Americans to study at Oxford University. Winners are chosen for outstanding scholarly achievements, character, commitment to others and to the common good, and for their potential for leadership in whatever domains their careers may lead.

  • 2015 Noam Angrist
  • 2013 John Mikhael

William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition, MAA

- last ten years

2017 - MIT Team placed First

  • Team Members: Allen Liu, Sammy Luo, and Yunkun Zhou.
  • Putnam Fellows: Omer Cerrahoglu, Jiyang Gao, Junyao Peng, Ashwin Sah, and Yunkun Zhou.

2016 - MIT Team placed Fourth

  • Team Members: Robert C. Shen, David H. Yang, and Yunkun Zhou
  • Putnam Fellows: Yunkun Zhou

2015 - MIT Team placed First

  • Team Members: Mark A. Sellke, Bobby C. Shen, and David H. Yang
  • Putnam Fellows: David H. Yang and Yunkun Zhou

2014 - MIT Team placed First

  • Team Members: Mitchell M. Lee, Zipei Nie, David H. Yang
  • Putnam Fellows: Zipei Nie, Mark A. Sellke, Bobby C. Shen, David H. Yang, Lingfu Zhang

2013 - MIT Team placed First

  • Team Members: Benjamin Gunby, Mitchell Lee, Zipei Nie
  • Putnam Fellows: Mitchell Lee, Zipei Nie, Bobby Shen, David Yang

2012 - MIT Team placed Second

  • Team Members: Benjamin P. Gunby, Brian C. Hamrick, Jonathan Schneider
  • Putnam Fellows: Benjamin Gunby, Mitchell Lee, Zipei Nie

2011 - MIT Team placed Fifth

  • Team Members: Vlad Firoiu, Colin Sandon, Jacob Steinhardt

2010 - MIT Team placed Second

  • Team Members: Sergei Bernstein, Whan Ghang, and Jacob Steinhardt
  • Putnam Fellows: Yu Deng, Colin Sandon

2009 - MIT Team placed First

  • Team Members: Qingchun Ren, Bohua Zhan, and Yufei Zhao
  • Putnam Fellows: Qingchun Ren and Yufei Zhao

2008 - MIT Team placed Third

  • Team Members: Qingchun Ren, Xuancheng Shao, Yufei Zhao
  • Putnam Fellows: Bohua Zhan, Yufei Zhao